Building good relationships with parents yields benefits for all


Kirsty Russell Consulting helps teachers, early education providers and administrative leaders to better understand the needs of special needs families. With sessions based on first hand experience, teachers and education professionals gain rare insight into the parent experience and learn ways to improve interactions with parents, for the better.

Greater understanding of the pressures facing families leads to more genuine relationships, increased parent engagement and improved student outcomes. These in turn build an environment of trust, goodwill and respect through the entire school school community. It’s true – building good relationships with parents yields benefits for all.

Services to Schools

Discover the many ways Kirsty Russell Consulting can serve schools, teachers and parents in the education setting by downloading our Services to Schools brochure.

School Programs

Kirsty Russell Consulting offers a range of programs to schools, tailored to your specific needs. Download the current list of School Programs to find out more.

Benefit from first-hand insight


Kirsty Russell Consulting offers a range of programs to schools, tailored to your specific needs. These programs provide teachers and school leaders with greater understanding of the needs of families of children with disabilities plus practical guidance on how to improve parent-teacher relationships. Whatever your education setting, we can deliver information sessions, professional development or consulting services to suit your unique requirements.


Information Sessions

Kirsty Russell Consulting offers one hour information sessions to teachers, staff and volunteers, providing insight into what it’s like to be a parent to children with additional needs. This insight helps foster more meaningful relationships and leads to improved outcomes for students. All sessions are tailored to meet identified needs, to ensure the effectiveness of the session.


In-service Presentations

Kirsty Russell Consulting delivers one and two hour in-service sessions to teachers, staff and volunteers, on a range of topics relating to parent-teacher relationships. These sessions are prepared in consultation with the school to ensure they meet your requirements. They are designed to increase awareness and understanding of the parent experience and provide practical strategies to help schools cultivate better relationships.


Professional Development

Kirsty Russell Consulting delivers half day professional development sessions designed to improve parent and carer engagement in education. These sessions give participants the knowledge and the opportunity to plan opportunities to involve parents and carers in their children’s learning as well as establish and maintain respectful collaborative relationships aligned to APST 3.7.2 and 7.3.2. 

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