Knowing your clients is the most important part of your business

Kirsty Russell Consulting specialises in assisting providers to better understand, support and service clients and their families. This understanding is key to improving the effectiveness of communications material, programs and interventions. It’s also key to improving client outcomes and to better supporting  families.

As parents ourselves, based in Newcastle NSW, we’re uniquely positioned to help. By sharing our personal knowledge and experience, we’ve supported local businesses improve their understanding, relationships and outcomes for clients. We’ve worked with small and large organisations such as CatholicCare, City of Newcastle, Aspect, Department for Education (South Australia), Happy Dots Occupational Therapy, Families Supporting Families and Joshua House, to plan and implement support programs, deliver presentations and provide professional development.

We can do the same for you.

Take advantage of our knowledge & insight

Consultation services: It can be hard to glean information to better support your clients and their families, in session, when your focus needs to be on their immediate needs. However, we’re available for consultation sessions to answer your questions & help find ways to better serve your families. If you’re looking to improve your understanding of the needs of special needs families, Kirsty Russell Consulting can provide first-hand insight. We also offer project management, business consultancy and specialist in-service sessions to address specific areas of concern.


Writing services: In the increasingly competitive disability sector, it’s important you cut through the noise and reach the people who need your services most. As experienced writers and parents, we personally understand the needs of your audience and can speak their language. We have worked with clients to develop website copy, client programs, blog posts, email marketing, social media updates and presentations for the disability sector. We also help with instructional design, procedures, templates, grant applications, technical writing, reports and programming.


Speaking services: Presentations, community programs and Information sessions can help establish your authority, build trust and provide more value to your clients. It’s also a great way to connect families, improve relationships and build your community profile. As skilled speakers and presenters, Kirsty Russell Consulting can work with you to develop and deliver information sessions to client families. We can develop this material for your own speakers, coach your speakers, or, alternatively, present sessions for you.