Thank God it’s the last week of school for term 1 in NSW. It’s been a long 11 week term and selfishly I’m looking forward to not having to rush around quite so much, make lunches or have fights over homework and assessments with my two older kiddos.

For two blessed weeks!

As of today there are officially only four more days left before this much longed for break. And I have made an executive decision to pull the kids out a day early to bring on the holidays sooner.

Yes, I’m allowing them to wag school on Friday.


Normally, I send the kids to school every single day, unless they are too mentally or physically unwell to attend. Ever since we mainstreamed Gilbert we have insisted that he be included in all aspects of school life and that he be encouraged to participate in all activities.

Last year, he undertook NAPLAN and ended up coming the top of his class in the literacy component. More recently he made a bush bass for a take home task and got great marks. Last year I even managed to get him to the school athletics carnival where he ran his 100m age race.

He can achieve if we give him the encouragement, the support and the opportunity to do so.

As parents, we pride ourselves on giving our kids every opportunity to try their best and have a go. It is not in our nature to give up or let them give up.


This Friday is the 2014 athletics carnival. On the last day of a long term. And I only found out about it last week so I’ve had little time to prepare the kids.

So when both Gilbert and Matilda asked whether they had to go and indicated that they would much rather not, I think I surprised them with my reply.

I said yes.

Last year’s carnival saw us waiting around in the sun for hours in between events. Gilbert is not good at waiting at the best of times and so much exposure to the sun is not ideal. In addition, he had a meltdown when he came last in his race and spent the rest of the afternoon demanding an eclectic range of junk food from the canteen.

Meanwhile, Matilda insisted on trying all sports on offer only to become upset when she was too scared to have a go at the high jump and couldn’t work out how to properly throw the shot-putt.

I have to come clean and confess that I did not enjoy the experience. Don’t get me wrong, I was proud of my kids having a go but the majority of the day was uncomfortable and unenjoyable. So that may explain my decision to let them have their way and ditch school for the day.

So what are we planning on doing instead?

We’re planning on heading to the cinema to see The Lego Movie before having lunch and enjoying a relaxing afternoon.
I’m so looking forward to a day with my big kids. It’s going to be fun wagging together!

Have you ever wagged school with your kids? What did you end up doing?