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“Kirsty Russell here, reporting from the front lines of the ongoing battle with our long-time foes, head lice. After nearly 8 years of battle, we are tired and exhausted. Our troops are reluctant to continue to engage in combat and our morale is low. Despite trying every weapon at our disposal, we’ve been unable to deal a decisive blow to the enemy. They just keep coming back in greater numbers. Fresh reinforcements are needed to continue the fight. Please support our cause!”

Our battle against head lice


It’s not an exaggeration to liken our nearly 8 year battle with head lice with ground warfare. If you have any experience with this relentless foe, you’ll appreciate my battle-weariness.

Sometimes it feels like a fight I just can’t win.

Matilda first caught head lice in daycare when she had just turned 3 and she has been battling them ever since. Her hair is thick and just the right colour to camouflage eggs and budding lice. And if you happen to miss just one egg during treatment, that’s it – they will surely return.

Luckily, Delilah’s hair is much lighter and finer so over time it’s been far easier to detect and effectively treat head lice outbreaks before they’ve taken hold. Yet she’s still be been prone to the odd outbreak, particularly because of the ongoing issues we’ve had with Matilda’s hair.

You can imagine how many treatments, as well as deterrents, we’ve tried over the years. Some have worked better than others but they’ve all shared one thing – the need to coat the hair with product and the requirement to comb out the lice and their eggs.

With Matilda on the autism spectrum, this has involved a lot of sensory overwhelm as she simply cannot stand the feel of a comb through her hair. Even now, as she nears her 11th birthday, she struggles to get through a lice treatment without tears.

Honestly, there have been times when I’ve wished I could shave all their hair off and just get rid of the lice that way!

But, thankfully, there is now another way to ward off lice without recourse to such drastic measures. And it doesn’t involve combing or foul smelling solutions – yay!

Po-Lice Head Defence -

About Po-Lice Head Lice Defence

Po-Lice head lice defence provides an innovative, all-natural, pesticide-free, non-toxic and sensory friendly way to defend hair from the ever present threat of head lice. Using plant oils, Po-Lice hair ties work naturally to defend against head lice, each containing a special and effective formula that helps to defend against lice for up to 2 weeks.

Each Po-Lice box contains 8 bands which in total provides up to 16 weeks (4 months) worth of protection. The hair bands come in a variety of colours, including red, blue, brown and purple, so they look like any other hair tie.

Delilah - Po-Lice pigtails -

We have been trialling the bands in Delilah’s hair since she returned to school a few weeks back. I was determined to do something to defeat head lice after she suffered recurrent episodes during her first term at kindergarten. I really didn’t want to start battling this insidious enemy on two separate fronts, in both my daughters’ hair!

The bands have a natural scent, reminiscent of tea tree oil. It’s by no means an unpleasant smell (Delilah thinks they make her smell beautiful!) but it could overwhelm some kids, particularly those with olfactory sensitivities.

The bands are strong and easy to use and don’t leave any residue – they look and feel like any other hair tie. Without the hint of the natural scent, you would actually be forgiven for mistaking them for a normal hair band.

Delilah - Po-Lice ponytail -

Effective defence against head lice lasts for two weeks – then it’s time to break out a new hair tie. They come individually wrapped so you can leave them packaged until you need them which I’ve found really convenient.

It’s important not to get the bands wet – this interferes with the formula used on the hair tie – something we unfortunately did on our second day of use. But we were able to break open another band and we have been successful in keeping it dry and clean ever since (Delilah has made sure of that!)


The Verdict


The big question is, of course, whether they are truly effective in defending against lice. I must confess that I do not have a definitive answer to that as yet. As we had to treat the girls for head lice over the holidays, there is a chance that some lice survived our treatments. Unfortunately I have found the odd teeny tiny lice in Delilah’s hair in the weeks since we started using Po-Lice.

This does not mean the bands don’t work – I actually believe they’ve been very effective in minimising any further outbreak in Delilah’s hair. But I cannot categorically say the bands are 100% effective due to the fact we did have an existing infestation to deal with.

I will continue to use the bands and I would recommend them to others. At $29.95 for a pack of 8 (which gives 16 weeks protection) it is an economical way to prevent infestations in your kids’ hair. Considering regular treatments can cost the same amount and more, I think prevention is definitely better than cure.

I’m guessing you will be nodding along vigorously to that last point – NO-ONE wants to deal with head lice!

I also believe there is great potential for Po-Lice to help kids with special needs and sensory sensitivities. The hair bands present an alternate way to prevent head lice, without recourse to a spray, harsh combing or a smelly solution. Based on my own experience, something like this would have saved Matilda and myself many hours of grief over the years…

The only caveat to this recommendation is in cases where your child is highly sensitive to smell – if this applies to you just be aware that the bands do have a light, but distinct, natural smell.

I’m heading back to the trenches now but I’m happy to report there is an alternative out there that may just see you avoid all-out war in future!

You can discover more about Po-Lice on their website.

Po-Lice head lice defence 8 pack -


Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post however I did receive a pack of 8 Po-Lice hair ties for the purposes of review valued at $29.95. All views shared here are my honest take on the product.