Today I’m the proudest mum on the earth. My son gave 10 presentations to his schoolmates talking about his experience as a person with albinism in the lead up to International Albinism Awareness Day on Saturday, June 13.

He proudly wore a crazy hat as part of crazy hat day, a way to get the whole school involved in raising awareness. He decided on wearing this one…

NASA hat collage

I couldn’t be more proud.

To celebrate, here are some photos of my boy over years, showing the real face of albinism. He is beautiful (yes I am biased) but he is also clever, witty and imaginative. He is also strong willed, determined and will not let anything get in his way.

The real face of albinism

He is also excited to have the chance to be interviewed live on radio tomorrow morning. Having witnessed his entertaining sessions today I can only imagine what he will come out with live on air. I’m praying to any and all deities that it all goes well… IAAD Logo
We are lucky to have the chance to spread awareness about the first ever International Albinism Awareness Day which has been declared by the United Nations to shed light on the many and varied human rights violations that plague PWA, particularly in Africa where the condition is not at all understood by the majority of the population.

In the developed world albinism is also poorly understood, perhaps because of the power of popular perception that seems to always cast the PWA in the menacing or evil roles. Remember Silas the murderous albino monk from Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code?

DaVinci Code - Silas

image source


It’s always been an uphill battle to try and change popular perception. It’s an unfortunate truth that visible difference will always have the power to intimidate, threaten or challenge people. However, looking different should not result in being treated differently or to the varied forms of discrimination that still follows those with albinism, to this very day.

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Yes, he is very blonde, isn’t he?


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Together we can raise awareness and improve the safety of those with albinism everywhere x