Uncertainty has a funny way of gnawing at you. It seeps into your bones. It never completely breaks them but it weakens your spirit and drains your energy and inspiration. It’s an insidious creature, ready to pounce in your quiet moments, never quite letting go of your soul.

Uncertainty is a part of everyday life. You can’t be certain about everything. You don’t know, for instance, how your latest post will do. You can’t tell whether your kids will have a good day or not at school. You can also never be too sure whether you have done a great job on that report at work.

Uncertainty is everywhere. But it usually departs as quickly as it arrives. Resolution is often not too far away. You can then relax, take a breath and enjoy the moment before the next issue comes along. It’s not something we even think about too much. It’s just life.

However, living in uncertainty for long stretches can be debilitating. No sign of immediate resolution can hijack your life and consume your every waking moment.

I have just emerged from a period of uncertainty about my job. I have been in that place for nearly 3 months. 3 months where I felt unsettled, out of place, unsure, in limbo.

3 months where I constantly questioned, double guessed and played mind games on myself, in a bid to break the deadlock.
You would be right in surmising that it was not fun.

Thankfully, late last week I was finally able to tackle my uncertainty head on. After months of suspense I had all the information I needed to bring balance back to my life and create some certainty again.

The feelings I am experiencing right now are almost intoxicating. There is so much joy in having certainty after so long without it. Everything is brighter and more vibrant and full of wonder and hope.Knowing you are doing the right thing and being confident you have made the correct choice – priceless.

I feel free. I am liberated. I am excited. I am whole again.

Certainty. Never underestimate the power of knowing where you stand and where you are headed x


Do you have new clarity? Have you experienced periods of overwhelming uncertainty? How did if affect you?