Sometimes I feel suffocated.

Sometimes I feel trapped by everything I am and everything I think I need to do.

Sometimes the sheer weight of obligation and expectation and responsibility feels too much to bear.

Sometimes I want to escape. I want to quit everything. I want my brain to shut down. I want some quiet from the stress and the worry and the strain.

Sometimes I dislike myself intensely.

Sometimes I just want to forget.

Sometimes I resent my role as a special needs parent. I just want to live a quiet, relaxed and “normal” life.

Sometimes I yearn for solitude while dreading the quiet of the night.

Sometimes I fear the truths buried deep in my mind.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to fight so hard for every little thing, every single day.

Sometimes the future overshadows everything and I can’t see a way forward.

Sometimes I want to give up.

Tomorrow I will be strong and brave again. Tomorrow I will be positive and focused on the future. Tomorrow I will be myself again.

But today I feel suffocated.