I don’t know about you but I find a lot of comfort in reading the words of other autism parents.
It’s comforting to know I’m not alone. That my struggles are real. That my challenges are understood. That my fears for my kids are shared.
I also enjoy learning new things and getting new viewpoints on issues close to my heart. I love being challenged in my thought processes, although I admit that’s not always comforting.
But, to be honest, special needs parenting is not always a smooth ride either.
I don’t always get a chance to read or comment on every post published by my 5 favourite autism bloggers but it’s comforting to always have their updates in my newsfeed.
Each and every one of these writers bring a unique perspective to the world of autism parenting. I definitely feel more empowered whenever I catch one of their posts. And I hope you will too, if you don’t already follow them.
My 5 favourite autism bloggers - myhometruths.com

My 5 Favourite Autism Bloggers

Autism Daddy

Autism Daddy

Image source http://www.theautismdaddy.com

Autism Daddy (recently unveiled as Frank Campagna) writes about his life as a dad to his 12 yo son Kyle who has severe autism and epilepsy. His Facebook updates are honest accounts of what life living with “The King” really looks like – both the good and the not-so-good. Based in the US he has a large following and talks about a range of topics that cover the whole spectrum (pun intended). He is really worth following if you don’t already get his updates. Plus he works for Sesame Street which I think is really cool!

Autism from a father’s point of view – Stuart Duncan

Stuart Duncan

Image source http://www.stuartduncan.name

A father of two boys (his eldest son, Cameron, is on the spectrum) Stuart also has Aspergers himself which he only discovered after his son’s diagnosis. In 2013, he established a dedicated¬†Minecraft server, called Autcraft, to help kids with autism play online in a safe and supportive environment. He has written two e-books and you may have also seen some of his notable quotes around the internet. His posts are thoughtful and compelling and are always worth a read.

Carrie Cariello

Carrie Cariello

Image source http://www.carriecariello.com

Carrie is one of my all-time favourite writers. She channels a clarity, passion and intensity in her writing that I can only dream of possessing. She is a mum of 5 and her son, Jack, is on the spectrum. She has also written two books, countless articles and has even presented a TEDtalk. I love that Carrie is looking to celebrate her son and that she asks his permission to write about him. Jack certainly sounds like a wonderful character who shines through the entertaining writing of his mum.

About a Bugg – Renee Bugg

About a Bugg

Image source http://www.aboutabugg.com

I’ve followed Renee’s stories of living life on the edges of the spectrum for a number of years now. Living in Melbourne with her husband, and daughter Poss, Renee shares the realities of raising a daughter with ASD. Sometimes funny, sometimes moving but always compelling, I enjoy Renee’s posts as part of an Australian autism family. She does a great job of sharing their family life which, in the end, isn’t so much different to anyone else’s. I’m also in awe of her advocacy skills and ability to write from the heart on issues of social justice and equality.

Michelle Sutton Writes

Michelle Sutton

Image source http://www.michellesuttonwrites.com

Michelle is a passionate advocate for neurodivergence and giving people with autism the chance to speak for themselves. She has recently started identifying herself as autistic and has a neurodiverse family living with autism, bipolar, depression, anxiety, sleep challenges and sensory sensitivities. Michelle has edited a book, The Real Experts, focusing on the experiences of adults with ASD for the benefit of parents with children on the spectrum. Her posts are always challenging, thoughtful and must-reads for all parents raising children with autism.
Who are your favourite autism bloggers? Please share as I’d love to add more blogs to my reading list.