If you are a regular reader (and if you aren’t, why in heavens aren’t you?) you would know that I have been preoccupied with Gilbert’s 9th birthday and planning for his Ninjago party.

Well the party has been and gone and it ended up being pretty awesome, even if I do say so myself.

I managed to actually recreate a couple of Pinterest projects and I’m pretty sure they weren’t a complete fail…although I will be totally devastated if I one day find my own efforts immortalised as part of a Pinterest “Nailed It” meme.


Ninjago Biscuits

Pinterest inspiration

2013-03-22 21.47.01

My own effort – not a complete fail…

Apart from these small, yet significant successes, the main focus of the party was on my boy. And he happened to declare it the best day ever. Which was music to this mumma’s ears.

This was the first time we had invited kids from his mainstream class to our home which was a big deal for all of us. It was also the first party where we had entertained a mix of mainstream kids and kids with autism.

We were worried about all sorts of issues beforehand. Would the kids all get along? Would Gilbert be able to cope with all his friends together at one time? Would it be too overwhelming for some of them? Would we overload the kids with sugar?

In preparation for the party, we made a few decisions to make things easier on us all:

  • We limited the timeframe to 2 hours so we had the best chance of getting out without too many meltdowns.
  • We planned set zones throughout the house so kids could choose an activity and seek out some quiet time if needed.
  • We also allowed them to have free play so they could just be – they ended up jumping on the trampoline and chasing each other throughout the house.
  • I also decided to get the cake made – I know my limitations and while I am capable of icing biscuits and adding M&Ms to them, decorating a cake is another matter entirely!


2013-03-23 12.41.44

The birthday boy and his green ninja cake – I certainly could not have done it better myself!


I learned quite a few things too:

  • I was unaware that my son owned quite so many toy weapons – no child missed out on a gun or a sword as they chased each other around the house. As he rarely plays with toys himself, this was an eye opener!
  • You always manage to over-cater for kids parties. At this rate, we will be consuming party food for the next week.
  • It doesn’t matter how much planning or money you put into a party, kids always manage to have fun!


It was a really positive experience for all of us and I’m so pleased we took the plunge and had a go. The best part for me was seeing my son happy and among friends – that was indeed a gift beyond price.