We were excited to be asked to share our story with Positive Partnerships for their new online learning module, An Introduction to Autism. They recently updated their online learning portal with updated information and videos to support families caring for a school aged child on the autism spectrum.

And we’re one of the families featured!

The learning module is well worth completing if you are a parent, carer, teacher or therapist for kids on the autism spectrum. It’s interactive, engaging, informative and positive – the perfect introduction for families new to a diagnosis or for anyone who wants to learn more about autism and the challenges and opportunities that come with a diagnosis.

I’m in the process of working through the updated modules myself – I recommend you have a look at them too.

Back to our video collaboration. It was a long morning of filming and you can tell the kids found it a challenge but it was awesome to be able to share our kids’ strengths and to have their input too. They enjoyed talking about their interests and were surprisingly excited to have the film crew come up to their rooms to capture extra footage.

It was fantastic to see them in their element and willing to share their thoughts and feelings for this project. I’m so proud of them!

I also need to give my husband, Nathan, a massive shoutout for his input into the video. I’m so lucky to have someone at my side who is committed to giving our kids the best chance in life and who is willing to see past the challenges and grasp the opportunities. He is my rock and this video shows the integral role he plays in our family.

You can watch the video below but don’t forget to check out the updated Introduction to Autism resource as part of the Positive Partnerhips online learning module.