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As parents we all have good intentions. I think it’s fair to say we all want our kids to have the best start in life.

And of course, this includes our desire for them to get a good education to increase their chance of success and happiness later on.

But what happens when you can no longer afford that chance?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me.

I remember attending my local Catholic school as a child. My parents were determined to give me every chance to succeed and invested in a private Catholic education to give me that opportunity.

All was well until the recession hit in the early 1990s. Interest rates hit all-time highs and work for my self-employed parents dried up. They were forced to sell our family home due to excessive mortgage repayments and we ended up living in a shed on a cheap block of land purchased years before in a council fire sale.

Luckily I was old enough to apply for a government study allowance and my school permitted me to pay my school fees in installments so we could still afford my schooling.

I’m honestly not sure that would have been the case if I had have been younger and not eligible for an allowance of my own to cover these costs. There would have been a real chance that I would not have been to remain at my school.

It’s easy to look back now and recognise that putting aside money in better days would have made our later situation so much easier. But who knew we’d all eventually face such tough economic times?

This experience taught me many financial lessons but it also illustrated to me that education is the most valuable investment of all.

Now that I have a family of my own, I’m committed to giving them the best education possible too, just like my parents before me. This commitment is behind my ongoing advocacy for fair access to school for all children with special needs (especially my own).

While we have chosen to utilise the public system for their needs, that doesn’t mean they are not receiving a quality education or that we are free of extra educational expenses….far from it!

Mothers Day school picture -

Look how fast my kids are growing up!


There are always excursions to pay for, new uniforms to buy (why do they keep growing???), equipment to purchase (such as musical instruments or sporting goods) as well as all the everyday costs that can really add up over time.

So it makes so much sense to put some money aside early and invest in their education needs.

ASG have a secure and tax-effective way to ensure you can invest in your kids’ educations, from as little as $2 a day. Plus, it’s flexible and can support full-time and part-time studies while allowing you to withdraw funds as needed.

It sounds pretty good to me – do you want to know more? Of course you do!

The Pathway Education Fund is a versatile plan perfect for anyone who wants to offset the costs of education at any stage of a child’s development. It has been designed to support your children throughout their entire educational journey.

Prospective parents, parents, grandparents and relatives can use the Pathway Education Fund to assist with education expenses during pre-school, primary school, secondary school and a wide range of post-secondary and vocational training courses.

And ASG members also enjoy complimentary access to the My ASG website which provides parents with an expanding range of education, parenting and career content. There are tools and resources available as well as member discounts and special offers to help support their children’s education now and into the future.

The Pathway Education Fund represents a great way to secure your children’s education costs, even before they are born, from as little as $2 a day. I wish the flexibility of this plan had been around when my kids were younger!

I believe that education really is the most valuable investment of them all. If you think the same, I would recommend you check out more about ASG and their new flexible Pathway Education Fund on their website or on Facebook.

Education is the most important investment of all -

Disclaimer: I received monetary compensation for this post however all views expressed are my own. If you have followed me for any length of time you will know how passionate I am about education for all – especially for children with additional needs x