I have so much to share. It’s been an amazing week. I’m still trying to take it all in. My mind is officially blown.

Where do I start?

Problogger. PBevent was awesome. I will have more to write and share and muse over in future posts but it was so worth the effort and the expense of going. To say I have come back with renewed energy and motivation to write and strive would be a massive understatement!

Because my Dropbox is full and iCloud is giving me the heebie-jeebies I will have to share photos of the awesome peeps I met there in another post. But I was blessed to meet some of my favourite bloggers and was honoured to meet some of “my tribe” over the weekend. You know who you are and will be named and shamed in a future post!!!!

But I will leave you with a photo of Nathan and myself at the Ahoy! event on Friday night…

Sailors Ahoy!
Aside from Problogger, just having a few days alone with my husband, without the constant clamour of the kids, was incredible. We reconnected and savoured each other’s company. We soaked in all the learning and enjoyed developing new dreams for our future. It was a wonderful and much needed escape for both of us – we can only get stronger from here 🙂

Also, how could you not enjoy the Gold Coast in winter? It was a very welcome break away from the recent rains experienced in NSW. Although I must confess that walking along the beach is pleasant in any weather…

If that wasn’t enough, I received some other news.

I received word that I will be formally receiving an offer of a redundancy and I have decided to accept it. The numbers add up and my eyes were seriously opened after I saw a financial planner for the first time last Wednesday.

Also, spending a weekend listening to the likes of Rand Fishkin, Chris Ducker, Matthew Michalewicz and Pat Flynn, who have all left secure jobs and made a much happier and successful life for themselves, has left me more inspired and certain that this step is the right one for me.

It’s scary to be leaving a secure position, especially with an employer I have served for nearly 20 years. But it’s time. I’m ready to try something new. I have a whole second part of my working life ahead of me and I’m determined to finally take a chance and see just what I can do.

Safety and contentment are not enough for me anymore. At the ripe old age of 39 I think it’s time I finally take a deep breathe and take that leap of faith I have always dreamed of.

So what am I going to do with myself?

I will be running my own business, of course!

I have established Double Scoop Consulting where I will be offering my services in corporate writing, tender preparation, project planning and general consultancy. I figure I have nearly 20 years of public service experience – surely my extensive skills can be utilised by businesses wanting to work with government agencies or by companies wanting to polish their communications?

I already have an ABN, a business name, a domain name and website (not available for public consumption yet). I even have some snazzy business cards to share. All I need now are some test clients (to obtain testimonials and work samples) and I’ll be ready to live the dream.

Funnily enough, walking away from a secure position and into the uncertain world of self-employment was not a dream of mine 6 months ago. I was content to keep on keeping on – if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

A near death experience (my stress-induced-event-that-may-have-been-a-stroke) has a funny way of turning everything upside down.

Suddenly you are broken – emotionally and psychologically.

Your values are challenged. Your priorities shift.

Overnight, things that were so important the day before are suddenly and definitively meaningless.

I now know that I cannot continue in my current role. Despite loving it and gaining great pride and satisfaction in doing a good job, it is not good for me. And while I have taken steps to try and minimise the load (working from home and having more regular days off) deep down, I know it isn’t enough.

My dream now, is to be able to work from home and be there for my kids, whenever they need me. It’s being able to go to all their school functions without the stress of having to make up the time with “the boss”.

My dream now is to write for a living. To help others succeed through the power of communication. To inspire others through the blog.

It’s time to start chasing my dreams!